Codes and Identifiers

Codes and Identifiers

The correct identification of a party in the supply chain is key for compliance and also the correct allocation of data, to facilitate this we promote the use of identity that is in use for the domain and the region or from an international code list.

EORI Number to Identify the Shipper and Consignee

An EORI number – which stands for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number – is a unique ID code used to track and register customs information.

Traqa use this to identify the Shipper of the material, in the absence of this you will use a Traqa assigned id prefixed with TQ.

UK EORI must start with 'GB',

EU EORI Checker

We also recommend the use of the EU EORI number for Consignee's located in Europe, for other locations you can provide the Name and Address without the identifier, or use an identification scheme thats agreed with Traqa.

Load Sites will use the BIC Facility Code

Any facility which can accept containers for purposes of loading, unloading, repair or storage are eligable to use the Bureau International des Container (BIC) Facility Code, further details can be found on this global code list at

Each Load Site will be assigned a BIC Facility code which will be used to identify where the loads will take place.


The Haulier's will be identified using the Waste Carrier License as this is known to all parties and mandatory for the movement of green list waste. These codes will be validated on receipt

Shipping Line

The Shipping Line when moving by ocean will use the carrier SCAC code and this is available under the 'codes' sub folder.

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