Receive Completed Loads

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Once a scheduled load has completed loading, the shipper will be notified by email, this takes place whilst the vehicle is on the weigh-bridge, and is the same notification process that provides the Annex VII to the load site on the shippers behalf.

The Traqa API can be used to retrieve the completed load details for integration to the shippers own system, this process would replace manual data entry by the shipper for completed loads to capture information about the container number, seal number, product weight that need to be used in the transport process.

Traqa API provides the documents from the load site such as the weigh-bridge ticket and Annex VII, as well as the loading photos.

It is recommended that you prioritise using the Loading Reference as the key value for retrieving data.

The data can be retrieved to the shippers systems by using a API GET on four main endpoints:

Completed Load Data

Technical Details on how to retrieve Completed Load Data

A general overview of the data that can be retrieved from this endpoint:

  • Party Details ( Shipper, Consignee, Carrier, Haulier, Loading Site)

  • Date Time Stamps for Key Events (Scheduled/Actual Loading Times, VGM & Customs)

  • Additional References (Vehicle Registration Number, Drivers Name, Carriers Reference, Despatch Note Number)

  • Transport Equipment Details (Weights, Seal Number, Container Number)

  • Trade Item Details (Weights & Product Details)


There are two documents that can be retrieved:


An AnnexVII is a regulatory accompanying document for a shipment that holds all of the necessary details for competent authorities to demonstrate compliance. Traqa produces this document on behalf of the Shipper.

Technical Details on how to retrieve AnnexVIIs

Weigh-bridge Ticket{{LoadingReference}}

Technical Details on how to retrieve Weighbridge Tickets

A Weigh-bridge Ticket is a document that records weights, dates and times of the transaction which is provided by the load site.


Technical Details on how to retrieve Tracking Details

Traqa provides event tracking data to cover waypoints such as arrival at site, completed loading, VGM submitted, and Customs Cleared, further events are provided by carriers.

Details on which events are captured and how to obtain this data can be found below:

Loading Photos{{LoadingReference}}

Technical Details on how to retrieve Load Photos

When a container is loaded there are a series of photos taken during the process, these images are captured from the loading site by Traqa and stored for the compliance period. Details on how the loading photos can be obtained are found below:

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