Loading Site Work Flow

A step by step guide for how a Weigh-bridge Software provider / Loading Site can integrate to the Traqa API.


The Loading Site's main responsibility is to provide the completed load details to Traqa against a scheduled load, Traqa works with most weigh-bridge software providers already so this process is completed in your own software

The following diagram shows that the Loading Site is only concerned with steps 2, 3 and 4 from the process flow diagram.

All of these steps correlate to an API integration endpoint which will be needed to make the most of working with Traqa.

Once the load is completed the registered load site email will receive the notification email along with the Annex VII attached to include with the material in the container. You can also retrieve this from the API.

How to Identify the Shipper in your system?

Traqa uses federated identities where possible and standardised code lists to enable the smooth flow of data without lots of upfront setup.

To identify the Shipper we have chosen to use a UK and EU identifier known as an EORI number, the reason for this is anyone who is exporting msut have one and they are used for Customs processes to uniquely identify the 'trader' to Government. This will be provided in the load plan message from the API for you to map to your customer record in the weigh-bridge software.

More can be read about the EORI on HMRC website, its similar to a VAT number and you should store this against the 'Company/Party' entity within your weigh-bridge software.

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