Provide Completed Load Weights

Step Three on the Diagram

When a vehicle or container is weighed (2nd weigh on leaving site) the load site operator will ’complete’ the load within the weigh-bridge software using their usual process, at this point the load is completed and should be notified to Traqa whilst the vehicle is still on the weigh-bridge.

The Traqa load completion process must be integrated with the weigh-bridge load completion process of the operator, as it is this trigger that generates the regulatory documentation that the driver needs to leave site.

How to Provide Completed Load Weights

The weight can be provided to Traqa via the POST method in the API.

Technical Details on how to Update Existing Loads

Providing the completed weight to Traqa will trigger the automation processes defined in the process flow diagram, for a load site this will:

  • Provide the Annex VII document to put in the container / vehicle

  • Notify the Shipper the load is completed and provide details automatically

  • Provide the Customs Accompanying Document (EAD) that the driver may need before leaving site to cross a customs border

Once this data has been posted the load status will be updated from OPEN to COMPLETED.

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