Retrieve Scheduled Loads

Step Two on the Diagram

What is a Load plan?

The load plan is the scheduled loading instruction from the shipper to the loading site, it has all of the necessary information for a load site to identify the date and time of collection, material to load as well as other information needed for the Annex VII and Customs Declaration.

The load site would typically pre-enter these into their weigh-bridge software, using this endpoint allows the details to be retrieved and uploaded into the weigh-bridge software avoiding re-key by the operator, and provides the references used to match the loads for automation.

How to Retrieve Open Loads

The Load plan can be retrieved from Traqa via the GET method in the API.

Details on how to retrieve OPEN Load

Returns the load plan data for a scheduled loads that are in the OPEN status for the loading site you are identified as using the Traqa account.

We recommend querying the endpoint throughout the day to check for new loads, each load should have a unique loading reference from the shipper to identify their load, this reference is key to ensuring efficient flow of data within Traqa.

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