Shippers & Loading Sites.

There are 2 types of Role in Traqa:

  1. Shipper

  2. Load Site

If this documentation is your first introduction to the recycling supply chain it is recommended you have a basic understanding of how both parties interact.

The goal of Traqa is to handle all the interactions, notifications and documents needed for all parties and competent authorities/regulators during the waste transfer process from the point of schedule to when the container is loaded. All you need to do is supply the data for the role you undertake in this process.

To clearly understand the roles and identify correctly which one you are acting in the capacity of please see the descriptions below


A Shipper is a person or company that is buying material from the Loading Site and is exporting that material to a facility overseas for further processing. They would be typically providing a load plan to the loading site and responsible for the paperwork needed to move the material.

This role also encompasses traders who maybe facilitating the sales contract of material between buyer and seller.

If you are acting as a Shipper please follow the Shippers work flow to understand the interactions needed for Traqa.

Shipper's are identified in Traqa using an EORI Number which is assigned by UK and EU authroities and used in customs declarations to identify parties involved in the declaration.

Loading Site

A Loading Site is a facility that is selling to (or loading material for) a Shipper which will then be exported overseas. They would typically receive a load plan from the shipper indicating when a container or trailer will arrive to be loaded for the material to leave the loading site. They would usually have on site a weigh bridge which confirms the product weight entering or leaving that site.

If you are acting as a Load Site please follow the Load Site work flow to understand the interactions needed for Traqa.

Each Load Site is identified in Traqa using an identifier known as a BIC Facility Code, these global identifiers are assigned to container handling facilities and used in international transport.

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