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Also Known As
Loading Reference
Unique Reference to Identify a Load
Shipper's Organization Identifier
Eori Number (or Code provided by Traqa beginning with TQ)
A value used to uniquely identify a Shipper
The measure of the tare weight (mass) of this piece of associated transport equipment (i.e. truck and trailer OR weight of shipping container) but excluding goods or material.
Product Weight
A measure of the gross weight for this trade product (i.e. material like OCC 90/10)
For containerised movements this is the combined value for tare weight and gross weight and must be submitted to the ocean carrier before shipment can take place, covered under the IMO SOLAS VGM regulations

Load Status

Each load in Traqa has a status
  • OPEN (a scheduled load yet to take place)
  • COMPLETED (a load that has taken place)
  • CLOSED (a load that never took place)
In the normal flow loads should transition from OPEN to COMPLETED, there is no facility to delete a load, if it has not yet taken place it will move to CLOSED after an expiry period past the scheduled loading date.
Updates to load plans can be made by re-sending using the POST endpoint and re-using the original loading reference. This will not be applied unless the load is OPEN.